About me, myself, and I.

Here’s a few to-knows, as most of my blogs center around all this shiznit:

*Mother of two (and a cat), newly wed, and brand spankin’ new Air Force wife. And doing it WELL, usually.

*Bi-Polar type 1- (according to the “professionals”) Where all my bursts of creativity come from.

***Fun tidbit: these AWESOME folks are also Bi-Polar (can I get a HELLS YEA?!)***

*Carrie Fisher (yeah, that’s right. PRINCESS. FREAKING. LEIA!)

I’m Bi-Polar, and I have a gun. Don’t cross my shit-list.

*Tim Burton*Vincent Van Gogh

*Ted Turner (the INSANELY RICH t.v. dude)

*Buzz Aldrin

*Jimi Hendrix

*Slyvia Plath- okay, so she baked her head. But she was a GREAT ASS writer.

*Edgar Allen Poe

*Virgina Woolf

* I’m a HOPELESS romantic who also loves watching moves about things blowing up.

* My family is my TOP priority. Blood IS thicker than water, though I’m still not quite certain if it is as thick as the toxic sludge of Haterade…mess with my family, then prepare for legendary retaliation. There is nothing I do better than avenge.

*I work with the developmentally disabled and they’re all pretty wizard. You can learn a lot form the most unexpected places, and much of the time the humor random facts of life will emerge in this blog, in a HIPAA compliant manner, of course!

*My mind is a steel trap and I have a crazy ability to remember the most random facts.

*I’m Italian, I’m a cute-ass meatball, I’m so fabulous I piss glitter, and I’m a friggin hot mess just doing my thing 🙂

~ Welcome to the FABULOUS world of jennischetti. Enjoy the ride!~


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