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Ummm, Yeah…

24 Aug

“Dearest, though you’re the nearest to my heart
Please don’t ever ummm yeah ever say we’ll part
You scold, and you are so bold
Yes together ummm yeah our love will grow old
Ummm yeah our love will grow old

You may be a million miles away
Please believe me ummm yeah when you hear me say
I love you, I love you

Come home, keep me from these sleepless nights
Try my love again ummm yeah
I’m gonna treat you right, ummm yeah, I’m gonna treat you right”

~Buddy Holly

I love this song. Sums up my feelings as of late. Sorry to get all sappy and feminine people, but honest blog…I SUPPOSE a 45 minute drive isn’t a MILLION MILES away, but it can feel like it. Ugh. Sappiness makes me so weird. But yeah, I shall continue to hold off on relaying this message to a certain SOMEONE until I can’t take it. Or am completely without a doubt inebriated. I’m the “you hang up first! Noooo, you hang up first!” kinda gal. heehee. Whether he’s Mr.Right, or Mr.Right Now, I should just enjoy and go along for the ride. A much better catch than the last few. Finally.

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