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if you can’t say something nice…

22 Aug

…don’t say anything at all. One moral I was taught as a child. Another, “turn the other cheek”, and yet another, “as long as you don’t throw the first punch”. Well, gotta say, all of these morals have been corrupted in the past 73 hours. Why? Because I feel no need to be two-faced to people and decided to stick up for myself. So, okay, I did not LITERALLY throw the first punch, but I was however informed that  I needed to take care of my kids, stop being a lazy bitch and put on my big girl panties. Hmm. Now, I suppose I can consider that throwing the first of MANY punches. So, like any normal person, I struck back. Hard. I am used to setting little things aside that people say or do, maybe they could be having some sort of chemical imbalance that’s effecting their better judgement, who knows… But really, to say things to someone like that and then ask for a REASON why I hate you. Hate itself is a strong word. One that I do not use often towards the human race. For example, I hate Nazis and Liars. Not specific people, just traits, per se. But, okay lets take the gloves off for a minute and examine what I may “hate” about someone.

  • lying goes without saying, not a characteristic I tend to find appealing in someone. Okay, I guess maybe if I ever needed a good defense attorney, I may find this particular trait appealing.
  • cheating again, a no-no; just part ways. But, cheating goes right along with lying, you would have to LIE about it or it would be swinging… I think. Well, whatever floats your boat.
  • Two-Face – Okay, so this is bad because really, who wants to become close and friendly with someone, when you just KNOW that all the things you share will become slandered and spread around to who knows where? And it’s not always done in a particularly clever way either. Like, *random example* you probably should not compliment someones hair, makeup and outfit, and then blast on Facebook or some shit how you feel like you just ran into a walking Nightclub. And no, this particular example has never occurred in actual life, just came to me. But, then again, maybe it has. Who knows. Some people are very very good at being shady two-faced assholes.
  • narcissism NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU. Turning something around on someone who maybe can’t get you the money for a bill RIGHT THEN AND THERE to alllllllllll of YOUR life problems is not cool. What should be done in this situation is working something out, problem solve. Even more so if this person has never had this occur before. Probably not a good idea to call them what can only be construed as the next, up and coming Casey Anthony and then cry about your own shit, attempting feebly at collecting sympathy
  • Trash talkers- Well, I suppose this COULD go along with the Two-Face, but at the same time, I gotta give props, because hey, at least these people are honest. To a fault. But, if you start running your mouth about my mother, sister, aunt, friend, brother, what have you, that has NOTHING TO DO with the situation at hand, then FUCKIN A, keep them out of your mouth. Because my retaliation will never feel so bad for you.
  • Bad parenting- unless need be, I tend to stay in my own business and not yours when it comes to your parenting skills. Different strokes for different folks. That said, there is really nothing so vile on this earth as someone who has a child and does not parent to their fullest ability. I don’t mean that every single person out there should send their child to some top-notch, fancy-pants Montessori school. But, for the love of all things Holy, if you’re children are such an inconvenience to you, STOP HAVING THEM. If you just like the attention of being pregnant, find a couple with a bum ovary or some nice Lesbos and give them the gift of Life for Pete’s sake.

So, I’m quite sure there’s a few I forgot, but hey. We’re all human. So, any of the above don’t necessarily make a bad person, but contribute to the bad personality they may have. Because, honestly, who hasn’t lied? Who hasn’t gossiped about someone? But continuously doing so over, and over, and OVER. Now, that may be something I would be inclined to HATE about you. If you finally decide to come out and try to punch me with your ridiculous attempts of bringing me down, I’m going to jump up swinging at you like an enraged ninja who just had his fresh Gi soiled with your dirty spit. ESPECIALLY if you use any of that dirty spit to talk unkindly of my family, which you claim to be a part of. From here on out, I’m not taking anymore shit from anyone and am retiring the whole buddha/priest idea of “turning the other cheek” and instead I am going to take a lesson plan out of Margarita’s Book of Knowledge and BURN THAT BRIDGE. And DANCE around that pile of worthless ashes, and maybe just roast those big girl undies that I’m not “lady” enough to wear over them. After that? Continue your games, and I will take said roasted panties and shove them down your throat.

A couple of morals I’m now sticking to:

  • I will no longer forgive and forget.
  • My family = me. Talk badly of my family= fire roasted panties for your breakfast!


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