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Eulogy on myspace…

22 Aug

hunting around my old blog, from April 10, 2009 I’ve been finding some pretty good ones… heres one for my sister:



Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

Today was honestly not the best of days for me, or any of us. However, the fact that you two are together again brings peace to my heart. As I was listening to the wonderful words written by my sister, I remembered much, and know that the following things will always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart:

chocolate chip pancakes


my porcelin dolls–ANY porcelin dolls

suspenders, in red.

pizza dough

the sunday paper

four post beds

those cookie type things that were shaped like strawberries

a bottle of Fiaschetti’s eye poppin 80proof anise

the little run down playhouse off of Rt.126.

the smell of hot soapy dishwater…love it.

a cupboard FULL of pasta

gallons and gallons of water

pretty dishes, and beautiful glasses

diet citrus frost soda.

…and so many other things. Until I see you again, I love you always.  Jenna


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